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Investing is an Art

THRAIX is your specialist in investing in the Bulgarian art market. Bulgarian painters are some of the most exciting creators in Europe. Foreign investors struggle to access the market due to linguistic barriers and lack of connections. It can be intimidating. But investing in Bulgaria is smart.

We are in touch with the best Bulgarian galleries. We showcase established painters. We invest in exposing new talent. We have paintings for sale. Our collection is always growing. We provide specialized consulting services. And, we share the best of Bulgaria.

Creative Agency & Art Direction

We don't just "curate" and "sell". That's just no fun. We are also passionate about the creative process and making bold, original statements. And we would be happy to help you with your creative ventures, too.

Where To Start?

Browse our current Inventory, check out Atelier - our Creative Agency - on Instagram, see the latest News/Trends and even better, get in touch with us!

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New York City | Sofia | Sozopol